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MindFull Works is a web development company based in San Antonio, Texas, offering services in Digital Development, Growth and Adaptation. With a degree in Graphic / Web Design from the University of the Incarnate Word, and over ten years of experience in the web development industry, Mindfull Works has worked with a large list of clients through freelance and working with local and national digital agencies.

MindFull Works is not a "template for hire" company. Our expertise is in experience, knowledge, and understanding of the industry based on a focus of interpersonal relationships and priority on communication of goals and expectations. The current trend in digital development is templates and automation. That's not how we do business. We work directly with your business (no outsourcing) to make sure your message gets across to your clients.

MindFull Works is interested in how we can assist a business to create a Digital Presence they formerly did not have, grow into areas they weren’t previously exposed to in digital, or adapt prior digital properties and strategies to the current market with thought toward an overarching view of history and the future.


web development

email marketing

digital consulting

recent clients

heather dolin

Website Development, Security, Maintenance

Properties NW

Website Development, Security, Maintenance

tractor supply co.

Email Design, Consulting

Texas Children's Hospital Blogs

web development, wordpress theme creation, UX/UI development/research, maintenance, consulting


Email Coding, Email Marketing, Consulting

mkm design

Website Updates & Maintenance, Consulting


Email Coding, Email Marketing

m3 messenger

Email Coding, Email Marketing, Consulting

prior work

All completed work belongs to each respective client and the displayed work is purely for portfolio view.

Baptist Health System - Lead Developer, Assistant Project Lead

BHS, 2014 Think Pink Campaign - Project Lead, Assistant Designer, Lead Developer

BHS, 2014 Think Pink video - Initial messaging and graphic given. Audio was sourced and video was created using Premiere.

Adam Gidwitz website - Silver Addy Award 2013 - Interactive Team Lead Developer

Culpepper Cleaners - Bronze Addy Award 2012 - Developer

personal projects

Hunt Showdown Guide to Weapon & Custom Ammo UnlocksQuick setup for a Twitch Streamer

The Division Weapon Talents Web App - MySQL, PHP, Javascript, CSS, no frameworks used. A project that started as practice with vanilla JS that ended up getting some recognition from the developer.

ESO Stat Tracking page - UX/UI design for stat tracking in ESO. Simple and to the point. A flat file that could be adjusted for live data interaction.